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Posted by   |   June 20th, 2016   |   Categories: News

It is Ramadam time here in Turkey!   Fasting takes place between sunrise and sunset approx 4 am until 8.45 pm – and those able and willing to do so do not eat or drink between those times.  In Sultanahmet Park when Iftar (breaking the fast) happens there are thousands of people in their family groups having picnics on the grass or on the tables provided by the council.    The atmosphere is happy and friendly while people wait to take their first sip of water.    Along side the park there is a craft market, where women sell handicrafts and gifts from all over Turkey.  It is great fun to walk along the bazaar talking to the shopkeepers and browsing through the stalls.   It is a special time to be in Sultanahmet – with the beautiful dusk and the lights from the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque shining across the park.  

Iftar 2

Hagia Sophia at Dusk


Iftar 1

Adjacent to the Blue Mosque

Iftar 7

Lights of the Blue Mosque

Iftar 5

Picnic in the Park

Iftar 3


Craft goods

Craft goods

Craft Bazaar

Craft Bazaar




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