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A beautiful and mysterious landscape full of tradition
A holiday makers paradise

Anataya is a city on the Mediterranean Coast in South West Turkey   It is the largest sea resort located on the Turkish Riviera   It is the third most visited city in the world behind Paris and London with over 10 million visitors each year.   The name originated from Greece Attaleia and was named after its founder Attolos 11 King of Pergamom. The date of founding is uncertain but believed to be 150BC when it was a naval base for Attalias powerful fleet   Later explorations put it at 300BC   Antalya became part of the Roman Empire in 133 BC when King Attalos 111 bequeathed it to Rome after his death   It prospered during the ancient Roman period.

Christianity came to Antalya in the 2nd CAD and it was visited by St Paul and St Barnabas who sailed from there to Antioch.   The city and surrounding regions were conquered by the Seljuk Turks in the 13 CAD who held it until its conquest by the Ottoman Empire around 1423.

In the 20th CAD the population of Antalya increased as Turks from the Caucasus and Balkans moved into Anatolia. The port served for both imports and exports for flour. sesame seeds livestock and manufactured items At the end of the First World Ware until 1923 Antalya was occupied by the Italian. Today it is famous for agricultural production including fruits olive oil and bananas.

What to see and do

Kaleici with its narrow cobblestoned streets and Ottoman era houses. is the old centre of Antalya. Most travelers prefer to stay in the old city rather than the multi-tiered 5 star resorts (unless you are a golfer). With its lovely old harbor you can stroll down through the streets and enjoy its historical character.  There are often open air exhibitions. International Film Festival. Folk and music festivals are held annually and an open air Opera and Ballet Festival held at the Theatre in Aspendos. There are many beaches for those who like the sun such as Konyaalti, Lara and Karpuzaldiran. A number of mosques churches and hamams in the old city of Kaleici which contain Turkish and Greek architecture are worth visiting.

Ancient sites around Antalya are Aspondos, Priene. Myra, Termossos which can all be reached from the city on either regular or private tours.

What to buy

Some of the best shoppıng can be found in the Kaleici district near the City Walls. The main shopping avenues are Cumhuriyet Gulluk, Ataturk and Isıklar. There are colourful open air markets.   You will find traditional Turkish knick knacks. textiles, gold and sılver, interesting jewellery, crafted boxes and of course leather and carpets. A great daily market located in the center of the city.

What to eat

Antalyas speciality cuisine includes Piyaz (made with tahini garlic walnuts and boiled beans) spicy hibes with mixed cumin and tahini. Sısh, köfte. Kebaps and various cold Mediterranean dishes with Olive oil.   Another local dish is tirmis – boiled seeds of lupin eaten as a snack. The local fish is Grida known as Lagos or groper.

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