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A beautiful and mysterious landscape full of tradition
The Capital of Turkey

Ankara is the second largest city in Turkey and was designated the capital after the formation of the Republic of Turkey. It is the bureaucratic centre of Turkey with the of most of Foreign Embassy’s located there. A significant number of the city’s population are either students or professionals with white collar jobs and embassy staff

Ataturk’s Mausoleum is undoubtedly Ankara’s most visited monument. The resting place of the leader and founder of the Republic of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, is a very impressive site, with various displays showing the story of his life.

The Atatürk and War of Independence Museum located at Ataturk’s Mausoleum exhibits many artifacts dating from the early stages of the Republic to the present. The Museum houses many separate sections, including one which displays his favourite vehicles. The entrance to the Mausoleum is very impressive with carved lions connecting the entrance to the complex.

The Museum of Anatolian Civilisations is located to the south of Ankara Castle in the Atpazari area of Ankara. The museum has many exhibits of Anatolian archeology from the Paleolithic era and early bronze Assyrian colonies. Hittite, Phyrgian, Urartian, Greek, Hellenestic Roman and Byzantine, Selcuk and Ottoman periods are also displayed.

The exhibits of gold. silver, glass, marble and bronze works date back to the second half of the first millenium BC.


Gordion, the one time capital of the kingdom of Phrygia, is located approx one and half hours south of Ankara and is very much worth a visit. During the 8-9 Century AD Gordian grew into the capital of the kingdom and the kings of Phyrgia build large tombs near Gordian called tumuli, which consists of mounds constructed over burial chambers.

According to ancient tradition, in 333BC Alexander the Great cut the Gordian Knot. This knot joined the yoke to the pole of a Phrygian wagon that stood on the acropolis. A local prophecy had decreed that whoever could loosen the knot was destined to become the ruler of Asia.

A visit to both Ankara and Gordion can easily be incorporated with travel to either Cappadocia or Safranbolu.

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