Mt Nemrut
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Mt Nemrut

A beautiful and mysterious landscape full of tradition
Mountain of the Gods

Mt Nemrut is located between the two cities of Malatya and Adiyaman in Eastern Anatolia and is one of the most amazing sights in Turkey. A tumulus on top of the mountain faces both the western and eastern side with huge limestone statues of Apollo Fortuna and Zeus Heractes. There are also two lions, two eagles and bas-relief figures that appear to be part of a large frieze of various gods. At some time in history the heads have been removed from the bodies and are scattered on the mountain. The statues have not been restored to their original positions and lay where they have fallen. The Commagene was one of the Selecid successor states and occupied land between the Tauras Mountains the Euphratres.  No one knows what lies beneath the actual tomb of Antiochos and there is no entrance visible. Mt Nemrut was declared a World Heritage Site in 1987. It is included in our Eastern Turkey tour and can be also visited from Cappadocia. During the months from November-April Mt Nemrut is covered in snow.

What to see

Mt Nemrut requires a 30 minute ascent from the base along a stone covered path. The ascent is rewarded with stunning views over the plains and of course the amazing site of the stone heads on the western and eastern side of the tumulus. At the base of the mountain is a small and very interesting Museum to visit. There are toilets and a small café where you can enjoy food after your trip to the mountain.

The Septimius Severus Bridge can also be visited. The bridge is constructed of 92 stones each weighting 10 tomes. It is possibly the second largest extant arch bridge built by the Romans.   It is 120 metres long and 7 metres wide and is quite beautiful. In earlier years, cars were allowed to travel over the bridge, however it is now only open to pedestrians.

Nearby is Karakus Tumulus (Black Bird). The mound is 49 metres tall and 152 metres in diameter. There are a few columns – the western terrace has a large lion statue showing an arrangement of the planets Jupiter, Mercury and Mars.  An eagle tops another column and has an inscription that the bodies of female relatives of the king are buried there.

At Eski Kale (old Castle) further on, the ancient capital of Arsemala is located. At the entrance is a large stelae depicting Aopollo the Sun God. Further along the bases of two stelae show Mithridates with Antiochus. Behind there is a cave entrance leading to an underground chamber built for worshiping rites and even further a stone relief showing Mithridates shaking hands with Heracles.

What to buy

Apart from a few souvenir stalls at both the Museum and near the Septimius Severus Bridge, the area is free of any shops.

What to eat

Apart from the small café at the base of Mt Nemrut Dag itself there is nothing to eat in the area. Karadut a tiny township with a few hotels that offer meals. Kuhta is the nearest town, on the shores of Ataturk Dam, where there is a café selling fresh fish from the lake. Also the odd wayside stop where you can eat Gozleme made by the local villagers.

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