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A beautiful and mysterious landscape full of tradition
The Great Temple of Apollo

Didyma was an ancİent Greek Temple on the Ionian Coast Located near the Turkish town of Aydin it is called Yenihısar today.   Didyma which means twin refers to the great Temples of Apollo and Artemis.

The giant Temple of Apollo at Didyma was among the most famous oracles in the ancient world equal in importance to the temple at Delphi in Greece. It is the southern most of the three ancient sıtes of Priene Miletus and Didyma. There was a more ancient structure which was destroyed by Darius of Persıa in 494 BC. Until its destruction Didymas sanctuary was administered by the family of the Branchıdae who claimed descent from Branchos a youth beloved of Apollo.

Didyma remained in ruin until the first step restorations were undertaken in 334 BC.   It is recorded that the spring began to flow once more after Alexander The Great passed through. After his capture of Miletus in 334BC Alexander quickly reconsecrated the oracle and placed its administration in the hands of that city It quickly regained its importance.. Construction continued until the 2nd and 3rd CAD. Didyma’s fate was sealed when in 303AD when an oracle advised Diocletian to initiate persecution of Christians. Constantine the Great who was a convert to Christianity closed the temple and executed the priests.

What to see

The huge white marble temple is amazing wıth 120 giant columns at the front porch Two marble sided ramps slope down from both sıdes of the porch to the cellars which led to the sacred spring, the ruins of which remain. Don’t miss walking down right around the Temple to see the full affect and walk down the marbeled tunneled ramps! Fields of marble including the Head of Medusa surround the temple precinct.

Further south you can visit Altinkum Beach for a swim and the Euromos with its Temple of Zeus en route to Bodrum

What to buy

At the small town of Yenihisar there are tourist shops where you can buy souvenirs and of course the usual carpet sellers.

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