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A beautiful and mysterious landscape full of tradition
The best resort city of the Aegean.

Bodrum is a port city located south west of Ephesus at the point of where the huge Gulf of Gokova begins. Formerly called Halicarnassus in ancient Greek times, it was famous for housing the Mausoleum of Mausoleus one of the wonders of the ancient world  The area was fırst settled by the Carian peoples and the harbour area by the Dorian Greeks. Alexander the Great laid siege to the city with hıs ally Petronium. The name Bodrum comes from the word Petronium. The Knights of the Crusade arrived in the 1403 and the Knights Hospittler were given permission by Sultan to build the castle and they used the Mauseoleum as a quarry. The city was called Petronium and later Bodrum.   Suleyman the Magnificent conquered the Crusader Knights base on Rhodes and subsequently the Castle of St Peter came into Ottoman hands. During the 20th century Bodrum was a fairly sleepy town of fısherman and sponge divers until it became attractive to tourists in recent times.

What to See and Do

The must see sights of Bodrum are the Medieval Crusader castle of St Peter not only because of its history but it also houses the world’s best Museum of Underwater Archeology. The ruins of the tomb of Mausolus of Caria (giving the name to all grand tombs since) is hidden on a back street of Bodrum. Built on top of the town with great views is the ancient theatre where you can sit and watch the sunset over Bodrum.

Bodrum is one of Turkeys has one of the best yachting ports in Turkey. You can take a 7 day Blue Voyage into the Gulf of Gokova or the nearby Greek Islands or just a day cruise around the Bodrum Peninsula.   Take a day trıp to one of the many small towns on the peninsula such as Bitez and Gumbet for water sports, para sailing, windsurfing and scuba diving.   There are two aqua parks with water slides for children, bars and restaurants   There are many beaches such as Akyalar with fine white sand and clear seas.

The Greek Islands of Kos and Rhodes can be easily reached from Bodrum either as a day trip or to exit Turkey at the end of your travels.

What to Buy

On the main shopping streets there are plenty of small souvenir shops for tourists. Bodrum has a weekly farmers markets on several days and there are stalls wıth fruıt and vegetables. Tapestries handicrafts, and of course hand woven carpets.   As well there are many stores and boutiques selling stylish resort wear.

What to Eat

Bodrum is famous for its nightlife and there are many bars and sıcos among them Halıkarnas Disco.   Also many outdoor restaurants where you can enjoy a romantic dinner watching the sunset over the Aegean.   Fish is of course on the menu!

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