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A beautiful and mysterious landscape full of tradition
As far as you can go East in Turkey

Doğubazit is Turkey’s most eastern district bordering Iran and close to Mount Ararat. The town stands on a plain and is surrounded by Turkey’s highest mountains, including Mt Ararat which stands out majestically. The area has a rich history and monuments dating back to the Uratu Kingdom 2700 BC. Before the Turkish Republic the town was an Armenian stronghold and was referred to by its Armenian name Daroynk. Previously it was conquered by the Persians, Romans, Arabs and Byzantines who all used the plain to rest before passing through the mountains. Turks first arrived in 1064 followed by Mongols and more Turks.   After its conquest by the Ottomans in 1514 it was ruled by Turkish generals, including Ishak Pasa who built the palace that bears his name. The town saw fighting in the Ottoman-Russian war, was under attack by the Russians in 1856 and was taken by the Russians in 1877-1878. It was later ravaged during the Turkish War of İndependance. Most of the Armenian population left to build a new Beyazit at Lake Sevan. It was occupied by the Kurds in 1930 and destroyed during battles with the Turks.   A new town was built on the plain below the old site in 1930’s and given the amended name of Doğubeyazıt which means East Beyazit. Doğubeyazıt is the most easterly stop on our Eastern Turkey Tour.

What to See

Ishak Pasa Sarayi is located about 5km south of the city.   Built by Ishak Pasa during the 17th CAD the palace is beautiful and stands on a hill overlooking the Plain. The view of the surrounding plains is quite amazing. Nearby you can visit the tomb of Ahmedi Xani a Kurdish Poet and the ruins of the Urartian Castle. A meteor crater located near the Iranian Border is the result of a crash in 1892. It ıs the second biggest in the world with a width of 35 metres and depth of 60 metres. The Ice Cave is a natural monument 7-8 metres below ground and 100 metres long and 50 metres wide. The cave is hot in the winter and cold in the summer. There is a site that sits between the two villages of Telçeker and Uzengili that holds a giant imprint of an ark. Because of the resemblance it is claimed to be the final resting place of Noahs Ark. The site is protected and is visited by thousands of tourist each year.   Mt Ararat is in the north east corner of Doğubeyazit and is the highest peak in Turkey and higher than any peak in Europe. It can be climbed but only with permits and pre-arrangements.

What to buy

There are couple of carpet shops available that are reputable and prices are much cheaper than in Istanbul. Local Crafts have hand woven rugs made with traditional techniques natural dyes and hand spun wool. There are Usak Rugs kilims carpets and tribal antiques.

What to eat

The best known dish is Köftesi dir Abdigor – stuffed meatballs which are oil free and made from boneless beef, a little onion, egg and spice. There are made on a stone and hit by a hamma er until they are the consistency of ointment. There are several modest but good lokantas in the main street.

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