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Posted by   |   December 04th, 2018   |   Categories: News

Finally the Australian Government has downgraded the its travel warning for Istanbul and Turkey to exercise a high degree of caution – previously do not visit!!!!!

For the last 3 years Turkey  sorely  missed receiving visitors from Australia.    With this adjustment we encourage our Australian tourists to return to enjoy all that Turkey has to offer travelers.     The special bond that Australia and New Zealand  share  with Turkey on the Gallipoli Peninsula is just one reason to visit – the others are …. ancient sites…. sapphire seas on the Aegean and Mediterranean, amazing landscapes of Cappadocia ….. incredible Istanbul with its Byzantium and Ottoman monuments –  Bosphorus;  funky back streets and cafe culture – incredible foord —    OH and  its  FRIENDLY  people…..

The lists goes on and on and on –  so come visit us !!


Thumbnail map of Turkey



Posted by   |   May 30th, 2018   |   Categories: News

After a restoration of over 8 years the Theodosius Cistern, or Sarifye Sarnic, has finally opened to public viewing.

Built between 428-443 the Cistern is 100 years older than the Hagia Sophia and survived through three empires, the Roman,  Byzantine and Ottoman.

Left lost and forgotten under the heart of the Old City the cistern is the second oldest in Istanbul.   The restoration is nothing short of stunning, and is currently hosting an amazing sculpture and art exhibition by Istanbul artist, Ahmet Nejat called  Hic Hali, (State of Nothingness)

It is a must to see during your wanderings in the old city.



Posted by   |   November 02nd, 2017   |   Categories: News

The fascinating area of Fener and Balat, located just off the Golden Horn and a few kilometres down from the Spice Bazaar are great for a day visit – venture from historical sites into these fascinating local areas.

Fener was a Greek neighbouthood where well to do Greeks lived from 17-20th century until the Turkish War of Independence.  Fener is the seat of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople known locally as   as Fener Rum Patrikhanesi.   Next area long is the former Jewish neighbourhood of Balat.  This wonderful local area is  oft photographed for its colourful Ottoman houses, in various states of restoration or ruin.  Browse through antique and brick a brac shops, trendy designers and preloved clothing of varying eras, the smells of the local bakeries and borekci will entice you to stop for a break of cay or coffee.    Little cafes, like Mitis, serve declicious home made manti (Turkish ravioli) and Turk Khavesi.

The area is best visited on a Sunday or Tuesday – the day of the local market with abundant fruit and vegetables.  Our visit takes around 5 hours, and we travel via the Spice Bazaar and on public transport so you really experience local life.

street scene 2 Mitis Cafe Fener balat street

Speciality of Mitis - Matni - Turkish ravioli

Speciality of Mitis – Matni – Turkish ravioli

Old building

Greek Lycee behind!

Greek Lycee behind!



Cabbage anyone?











Posted by   |   June 20th, 2016   |   Categories: News

It is Ramadam time here in Turkey!   Fasting takes place between sunrise and sunset approx 4 am until 8.45 pm – and those able and willing to do so do not eat or drink between those times.  In Sultanahmet Park when Iftar (breaking the fast) happens there are thousands of people in their family groups having picnics on the grass or on the tables provided by the council.    The atmosphere is happy and friendly while people wait to take their first sip of water.    Along side the park there is a craft market, where women sell handicrafts and gifts from all over Turkey.  It is great fun to walk along the bazaar talking to the shopkeepers and browsing through the stalls.   It is a special time to be in Sultanahmet – with the beautiful dusk and the lights from the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque shining across the park.  

Iftar 2

Hagia Sophia at Dusk


Iftar 1

Adjacent to the Blue Mosque

Iftar 7

Lights of the Blue Mosque

Iftar 5

Picnic in the Park

Iftar 3


Craft goods

Craft goods

Craft Bazaar

Craft Bazaar




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