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Posted by   |   April 25th, 2016   |   Categories: News


Istanbuls third bridge is due to open 2017 and this weekend we went to see how this new bridge, the third over the Bosphorus, is progressing.

At the end of the road overlooking the Black Sea and the Bosphorus is the small village of Garipci (meaning small orphan in Turkısh).  This previously quiet tiny fishing village has had its life turned upside down by this massive project.  Formerly a place where people went for a nice Sunday drive Garıpci is now a place  to see this awesome structure!

This project has brought new opportunities to Garıpci! Little breakfast (khavalti) salons have opened up, enterprising teenagers are offering rowboat rides out into the edges of the Bosphorus to see the structure clearly from the water, and the existing restaurants have had to increase their capacity to cope with increased numbers of visitors,

Village ladies are sellıng jams (reçel) olives and home made breads and carts are selling the first melons of the season, soon will be watermelons and summer fruits.   The organic home produce sales are now flourishing!

The bridge structure is visible as you approach Garipci along the European side of the Bosphorus from Sariyer and Rumelı Kavagi – it takes your breath away with its tall imposing towers and and support struts.  When it opens in 2017 with its 433 kilometer motorway and entrances it will ease dramatically the chaotic traffic of Istanbul.  It is expected that travel time to Izmir, a city on the Aegean and the 3rd largest in Turkey, will be reduced to approx 3.5  hours, a dramatic decrease from the current 8-9 hours, and also provide access to Bursa and surroundıng provinces.

The last bridge deck was installed on Thursday, makıng it the 4th longest suspension bridge with the largest central span in the World. The name of the Bridge was confirmed as Osman Gazi Bridge after Ertugruloglu Osman Gazi the leader of the Ottoman Turks, and founder of the precurser to the Ottoman Dynasty which lasted six centuries until its abolition in 1924 and the establishment of the Republic of Turkey.  He was born in 1258 and died in 1326 in Bursa.

Flying into Istanbul before landing  at  Ataturk Airport the sight  of the Bosphorus with its three stunning bridges, and the view over the old city ıs one of the most breathtaking view of the World!    Visitors can also see all three bridges by taking an afternoon Boshporus Cruise, departing each day from the old city of Sultanahmet. 


Roadworks to brıdge

Brıdge European sıde

Tower on European sıde

Black Sea European sıde

Black Sea European Side

Black Sea Asıan Sıde

Black Sea Coast Asıan Sıde

Ladıes sellıng produce at Garipcı

Ladıes sellıng produce at Garipcı

Restaurant Garepcı

Restaurant Garepcı

Old Fıshıng Board

Old Fıshıng Board

Boats at Garepcı

Fıshıng Boats Rumeli Kavagi



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