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Posted by   |   April 02nd, 2016   |   Categories: News

Camel wrestling is a long tradition in Turkey.   In the winter months each village holds is festival, which is a big highlight in the year for Turkish villages.    These events  take place only in the Aegean areas from Canakkale to Antalya and is part of long time tradition.  In previous years camels played a big part in village life as work animals, and also for food – for example camel sausages.  It is a continuation of the part of the history of this area.

The price of an excellent wrestling camel can range from 10000 Turkish Lira to a 1000000 for one  who be trained in the methods of wrestling the opposition to the ground.  A match might take place for about say from 5- 20 minutes at the most and the winner is the first camel to put the oppostions neck and shoulders to the ground.  Apart from a lot of salivation and noise its is sport where the animal is rarely injured – perhaps the male pride of the camel or more importantly is owner.

It is a social event where villagers can get together and have fun, to drink raki, meet their friends and listen to the drummers and fluters who roam through  the crowd.  Lots of spontaneous dancing, laughing and enjoying!   At the end of the day the camels parade through the village with everyone  applauding their favourite!

The matches take place during  February and March so if you are lucky enough to be in Turkey during that time, why not take a Village Tour and see one of the great traditions of the Aegean Part of Turkey.   Write to us for details!

Australia and Village 221

Champions of the Aegean

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Camel hamburger anyone???

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