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Camel Wrestling in our Village!

Posted by   |   March 21st, 2015   |   Categories: News

During February and March one of the most exciting things that happen  are the local camel wrestling matches !   Please note that camels are not harmed during these matches  but rather  its  show of muscular strength male pride (thats why the Turkish men enjoy  it so much!)  The area of Turkey where camel wrestling is popular is normally in the villages around the Aegean and Mediterranean where the climate is moderate.   These matches  are an annual event, and a chance for villagers getting together in a competitive atmosphere.

 The camels are brought which much fan fare to a  round wrestling pitch to the tune of drums and music.   They are  adorned with colourful saddles and decorated to the hilt.   Each match lasts until one of the camels wrestles the other to the sand covered ground.  A lot of noise, a lot of drippling and the losing camel is taken off the arena – then the winner goes on to the next roound.   Its a great time  for people to get together, have fun, eat camel sausages among other delicious village food,  and meet up with friends and family.    So if you are lucky enough to visit our village in March maybe you can join in!

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